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December 2012

"Politics ain't beanbag," or so said a famous Klahdish writer. In fact, in the dimension of Tipicanoo, it's turning into an endless game of no-punches-pulled hardball complete with organized mud-slinging. The campaign is so dirty that it has dragged on for five long years. The two candidates, Emo Weavil and his cousin Wilmer Weavil-Scuttil have hired M.Y.T.H., Inc. to moderate a fair and balanced race. Each candidate is happy to hold the election -- as long as he wins. M.Y.T.H., Inc. has a secret weapon that will solve the problem, if the tabloid smear campaign against Skeeve and Bunny doesn't make the whole situation as rotten as a politician's promise.

About the Series

The Myth Adventures series of humorous fantasy novels began in 1978 with Another Fine Myth. Over the next 24 years Bob wrote eleven more books in the series. You can see the covers in their currently available editions on our Cover Gallery page.

In 2003, Bob started working with Jody Lynn Nye, with whom he had written one previous novel, License Invoked (Baen Books, 2001). Since then, Bob and Jody have written five more Myth Adventures novels and nine short stories (collected in an anthology, Myth-Told Tales). Another novels is currently under contract.

You may have noticed that the books are published in several formats. Wildside Press brings the books out first, in hardcover and trade paperback. Some months or a year later, they are brought out in mass market paperback by Ace Books. Meisha Merlin had been publishing the hardcover and trade paperback, but they are no longer in business. Copies of those editions can still be found at some booksellers. The Ace mass market paperbacks are available everywhere.

Please check this website regularly for news on upcoming publications and Jody's personal appearances.

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No Quarter

NO Quarter
by Robert Asprin, Eric Del Carlo, and Teresa Patterson

New York Times bestselling author Robert Asprin, writing with Eric Del Carlo and Teresa Patterson, delves into the dark secrets of the New Orleans French Quarter in this suspenseful tale of ghosts and haunted dreams, murder and revenge, justice and unexpected courage.

List Price: $15.95

Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9819866-0-9

DarkStar Books-Fall 2009

Cover painting by Nathan Smith

Website: www.darkstarbooks.net

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